Right to Assistance Animals and Alternate Treatments

The cornerstone of Disability Rights is the right to self determination — which includes the right of each person to control his or her medical or lifestyle choices.

In conjunction with medical or mental health professionals, requests for accommodations can be made by a person with a disability from their housing providers, employers or educational institution.

Governmental Guidance

Assistance Animal Cases

  • Vayne Meyers (Primadona) v. Oak Run Properties – Vayne Meyers needed his Emotional Support Duck, Primadonna.  We assisted in obtaining a Final Conciliation Agreement with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development that allowed Vayne to keep Primadonna.  The New York Times published a story about Vayne and his Emotional Support Duck.
  • Bhogaita v. Altamonte Heights Condo. Ass’n – Jury trial vindicating the right for a veteran with PTSD to have and use his service animal in his home and bars condominium from asking for irrelevant and over broad information
  • Sabal Palm Condos. of Pine Island Ridge Ass’n v. Fischer – Condominium who refused to allow a woman with Multiple Sclerosis from having and using a service animal
  • Falin v Condo. Assn. of LaMer Estates – Denial of Summary Judgment Motion allowing claim for an emotional support animal for a woman with Alzheimer’s
  • Alboniga v. School Board of Broward County, Florida – Injunction requiring Broward County Schools to allow a child to take his service dog to school (edited version)

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Traveling with your Assistance Animal