The Wallet Card® Project – Helping People with Disabilities Communicate with First Responders

The Wallet Card® Project includes customized wallet cards for people living with disabilities, customized wallet cards for caregivers of people living with disabilities, a training program for law enforcement/first responders, and a program for schools/organizations to bring this project into the classroom.

The Wallet Card® is a free communication tool for teenagers and adults who have Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) or an Intellectual Disability. The Wallet Card® will help a person safely and quickly disclose their disability to the police/first responder.

Requirements for a Wallet Card®:

  1. you must be a person living with a disability that is either autism spectrum disorder or an intellectual disability,
  2. you must be 14 years old or older, and
  3. you must be verbal enough to say “can I show you my wallet card”

If you meet these requirements, please click the wallet card box below to sign up for your customized wallet card.

We also have a free Wallet Card® for Caregivers. This card will contain the name of the caregiver, the name of the person with a disability that they take care of, and specific tips on the best way to communicate with police/first responders.

Requirements for a Wallet Card® for a caregiver:

  1. you must be the caregiver for a person living with a disability that is either autism spectrum disorder or an intellectual disability

If you meet this requirement, please click the caregiver box below to sign up for your customized caregiver wallet card.

If you are interested in getting a wallet card, please watch our video below. The video will explain how to use the wallet card, when to use the wallet card, and it will give you tips on how to safely interact with law enforcement and first responders.

It will take us approximately 2 weeks to complete your Wallet Card® and mail it to you.

For more information, please contact Disability Independence Group. You can email Deborah Dietz at, or call our office at (305) 669-2822.

Wallet Card Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you are a police department or organization and want more information click here

The Wallet Card Resources by State updated 04.23.23

The Wallet Card® Project is a project of the Disability Independence Group that was designed in collaboration with The Coral Gables Police Department and The University of Miami Nova Southeastern University Center for Autism and Related Disabilities.

All of the components of the Wallet Card® Project have been registered with the Copyright Office of the United States of America. None can be duplicated without the written permission of Disability Independence Group.