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Kids Crusader Corner

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By Julie Fioravanti  Someone I Love  by: Lori Hickman “Someone I love relies on me in ways you will never understand. Someone I love endures pain and challenges that break my heart and renew my spirit at the same time. Someone I love is unable to advocate for themselves for thi…ngs that most of us… Read More »

Art and More – By Chris Stein

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Indecision by Chris Stein Unequivocally Wishy‐Washy Maybe? May Be? Do you see me? Yes? No? Maybe? Yes no maybe. Maybe maybe? Do you see me As affliction? Probably Maybe? May Be Probable? Improbably Maybe? Maybe Probably? Do you see me With affection? Probably Don’t know. Probably Not sure. Probably Too scared. Probably Can’t say…. Read More »

The Mighty Equalizer – by Chris Stein

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Inside a body askew, I ambulate electronically atop four wheels. Alone, I often draw stares as something would from the extra- terrestrial. However, while He prances gleefully by my side, His inviting allure draws a smile from even the most stoic of faces. While as organic as I, He exudes a spirit almost God-like… Read More »