Art and More – By Chris Stein

Chris Stein and Morgan

Chris Stein


by Chris Stein

Unequivocally Wishy‐Washy
Maybe? May Be?
Do you see me?

Yes? No? Maybe? Yes no maybe.
Maybe maybe?
Do you see me As affliction?
Probably Maybe? May Be Probable? Improbably Maybe? Maybe Probably?
Do you see me With affection?
Probably Don’t know. Probably Not sure.
Probably Too scared. Probably Can’t say.
Do you see me In reflection?
Maybe yes? Maybe no? Maybe; so?
Please don’t go.

Ain’t got all day Probably Can’t stay
Maybe I Can.

I see you In evanescence.

Fluctuating Definitely. Make a decision…
I see you evanvescently