Voting Resources 2023

let people vote with a check mark

This month we want to share with you several resources that are specific to voting. We are heading into the election season, and we want everyone to be prepared, get registered, and have plenty of time to learn about the candidates, the issues, and all of the ways that you can vote.



Voting Resources

Register to Vote

Check to make sure you are registered to vote

Pledge to Vote

Find out what is on the ballot

Florida Supervisors of Elections

Florida Find your County’s Supervisor of Elections

Access the Vote Florida Website

Access the Vote Florida YouTube Channel

Access the Vote Florida Podcast

AAPD – REVUP Voting Campaign

AAPD 2024 Presidential Candidate Survey

AAPD State Guides for Disabled Voters

Voter ID info for Voters with Disabilities

Vote Riders

Vote 411

Access the Vote Florida Virtual Summit 2023

Watch the entire summit.

Watch Panel 1: Disabled in Politics, Elections & Leadership

Watch the Keynote: Andrew Pulrang and Gregg Beratan, co-founders of #CripTheVote with Alice Wong

Watch Panel 2: 2024 Election & Voting Landscape

Watch Panel 3: Supervised Voting and Rights Restoration

Access the Vote Florida Videos

Watch our 2021 Family Café Presentation

Watch how to use the ImageCast Accessible Voting Machine

Watch how to use the Express Vote Accessible Voting Machine

Access the Vote Florida Remote Accessible Vote by Mail Brochure