VoterRiders – Voter ID Help

By: Eli Garcia

VoteRiders provides one-on-one assistance for community members in obtaining state identification that is acceptable for voting. We are a national 501(c)(3) non-partisan non-profit founded in April of 2012 and the nation’s leading organization focusing exclusively on voter ID. We inform and help citizens secure their voter ID and inspire and support organizations, local volunteers, and communities to sustain voter ID education and assistance efforts. We concentrate primarily on helping voters to obtain the documents required by a state’s voter ID law.

Fifty-two million+ Americans are living in the states with voter ID laws, and twenty-nine million+ who are voting age do not have a current state ID or Driver’s License, one of the two forms of ID accepted for voting in every state. Voter ID laws can intimidate and are challenging to understand, and they’re constantly changing, and it can be different for voting in person versus voting by mail. VoteRiders Florida has been working continuously with voters to ensure that they have their ID for voting. We know that this can be expensive and time-consuming for voters. VoteRiders assists voters with the cost of their Florida identification, driver’s License, birth certificate, and transportation to the DMV or Social Security office.

An ID is essential to vote, but also for everyday life. The community members we assisted have claimed that their ID has saved their lives. IDs provide access to medical care, housing, and employment security for the most marginalized. ID issues affect those historically facing hurdles in accessing the ballot box. This includes voters of color, voters with disabilities, LGBTQ+ voters, and women voters. These are the voices that our community partners work to uplift year-round. VoteRiders are working hard to uplift these voices.