Work Incentives Planning and Assistance (WIPA) Projects

By: Lesly Quin

WIPA projects are community-based organizations that receive grants from SSA to provide all Social Security and SSI disability head shot of Lesly Quin beneficiaries (including transition-to-work aged youth) with free access to work incentives planning and assistance. Each WIPA project has counselors called Community Work Incentives Coordinators (CWIC) who:

Provide work incentives planning and assistance to our beneficiaries with disabilities to assist them in achieving financial independence;

Conduct outreach efforts to those beneficiaries (and their families) who are potentially eligible to participate in Federal or state employment support programs; and

Work in cooperation with Federal, state, and private agencies and nonprofit organizations that serve beneficiaries with disabilities.

If you are one of the many SSDI or SSI disability beneficiaries who want to work, a WIPA project can help you understand the employment supports that are available to you and enable you to make informed choices about work and achieving financial independence.

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