The American Veterans Disabled for Life Memorial

By: Jonathan CohnThe American Veterans Disabled for Life Memorial Logo 'Courage Endures'

The American Veterans Disabled for Life Memorial was just opened in Washington D.C. The Memorial, which sits at the corner of Washington Ave. and 2nd Street, is the first of its kind in the nation’s capital to honor both living and deceased disabled war heroes. The project was initially proposed in 1998 by the Disabled Veterans’ Life Memorial Foundation, Inc. It was immediately endorsed by many in Congress, who sought to get the project to President Bill Clinton’s desk, which they finally accomplished in 2000.

The Memorial consists of a star-shaped fountain and pool with a flame protruding towards the sky in the middle of the star. Surrounding the reflecting pool is a grove of trees “signifyinBronze art showing a soldier missing a legg the persistence of hope.” The Memorial uses granite pieces, glass panels showing important quotes and images, and bronze sculptures depicting disabled warriors in action. All of these pieces are meant to “convey a combination of strength and vulnerability, loss and renewal” and remind us of those who have given great sacrifices for our freedom.

The Miami Foundation is having their 3rd annual Give Miami Day on November 20, 2014.  The event starts at midnight on November 20th and lasts for 24 hours. Disability Independence group will be a part of this amazing event.  Support DIG and join the movement.