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Can Judges from the Florida Supreme Court get a Reasonable Accommodation for a Disability?

By Disability Independence Group, Inc. |

For Supreme Court Justices, or any other lawyer, with cancer, continuing to work should be dependent on the person’s health, and not limited by logistical or technological details.

Introducing Animal Partners –

By Disability Independence Group, Inc. |

A core individual freedom is a one’s natural right to make decisions affecting his or her health or body. This freedom is an integral part of the dignity and control for persons with disabilities as well. One of the major goals of the Disability Rights movement is that each person with a disability has… Read More »


By Disability Independence Group, Inc. |

“Why?” is the most common question asked when I said that I was going to  change my practice into a non-profit disability rights advocacy center. My reasons are each and every person with a disability that I have represented over the past eighteen years. With every single person, the issue was not about money,… Read More »