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The View From Here (24-01)

By Disability Independence Group, Inc. |

So, I took a deep breath. Reminded myself that I could, actually, “Do it scared,” and I forced myself through the fear. While as a young girl on that hill years ago, I needed someone to help me get through that fear and walk back to my family, the years since and the trauma I’ve endured from my SCI have helped me now have the tools to work through the crippling fear on my own. I remembered all of the work I’d done, remembered that I actually now had the ability, and that I couldn’t let this fear keep me from moving forward. I pushed through, and I walked back to my house, by myself, using only the cane. Despite the fear trying its best to keep me from getting there.

Fear should not be a barrier to full community integration

By Disability Independence Group, Inc. |

By: Matthew Dietz On August 18, 2015, Carl Starke, an Autistic man, was shot by three teenagers who were casing the Wal-Mart parking lot for cars to steal; they spotted Carl in the parking lot, and followed him home. They somehow noticed that he had a disability – he was marked as a “soft… Read More »