Shark Tank Update…

By: Debbie Dietz

We have finished filming the video and we are now in the editing Jodi Engelberg, Diane Adreon, Debbie Dietz, and Lt. Barta holding a checkstage.  The video looks amazing!  We want to thank all of our actors.  They did an amazing job.

Coming soon: our wallet card commercial.

You can order your own wallet card for free on our website at: /wallet-cards/.

Just fill out the online form and we will have them mailed to you within a week.  If you want to customize the card, please add the details in the comments section.

The Miami Foundation is having their 3rd annual Give Miami Day on November 20, 2014.  The event starts at midnight on November 20th and lasts for 24 hours. Disability Independence group will be a part of this amazing event.  Support DIG and join the movement.