Ride de Vuelta – Sports without limitations, we all can do it!!!

By Mick Jackson

ride de vuelta logoMick Jackson, founder and former professional snowboarder from California, knows very well the Chilean terrain due to many competitions and visits to the country and created Ride de Vuelta in early 2014 in Santiago, Chile.

Mick’s motivation was to provide opportunities for people with disabilities but from an ecological and inclusive approach, which is very important to create and strengthen the links between friends, siblings, peers and family. Ride de Vuelta is where people with and without disabilities can learn a challenging and extreme sport because we are motivators…enabling people to dream!

How is it done?

Mick, Pili, Anita, and OlmerThrough a positive attitude along with multidisciplinary teams; outstanding athletes in snowboarding, surfing, SUP and horse back riding, along with professional support from special education professors, occupational therapists and physiotherapists. Ride de Vuelta’s team breaks it down into workable segments and creates methodological strategies so that every person in Ride de Vuelta can learn at their own style and pace.


Inclusive activities have been conducted in different Chilean ski resorts and in various beaches ideal for surfing such as Puertecillo, Punta de Lobos, Pullay, Buchupureo, Puerto Maguillines, among many others. These activities have involved people with Down’s syndrome, Asperger Syndrome, paraplegia, pervasive developmental disorder, mental retardation, paralysis and hearing impairment.

Teaching snowboard Termas de Chilean with Manuel, Victoria, Caterina and CarolinaToday, we have the great challenge of being able to also incorporate visually impaired. We are generating access adjustments so we can all participate. Ride de Vuelta’s goal for 2015 is to bring Chile the first adapted snowboard for people with physical disabilities, as well as create the first inclusive snowboard championship in Chile.

Everyone that participates in Ride de Vuelta shares knowledge and helps develop tremendous skills by setting demanding goals in participating in these extreme sports, which in turn, installs confidence, passion and happiness. Ride de Vuelta wants to minimize any setbacks and maximize every triumph in the process.

With the support of our new sponsors Burton, Quiver, Windsurfingchile; Ride de Vuelta has had consistent quality and safety equipment that has provided unique and unforgettable experiences. In order to contribute and reach more people, Ride de Vuelta is in the process of becoming a foundation. We are seeking sponsorship and volunteers who want to promote these great sports without limits in an inclusive environment because individual commitment to a group effort is the essence of a team, a society and a civilization.