Right to Physical Accessibility

Persons with mobility impairments have a right to equal access to public and private facilities.  Notwithstanding the existing obligation of governments and businesses to remove architectural barriers to access, the barriers to access and inclusion into the community are still present.  Disability Independence Group has handled more than two hundred matter,  including class actions involving barrier removal for cruise ships or retail stores, restaurants, amusement parks, medical facilities, hotels, universities, effective communication in post-secondary institutions, entertainment facilities, vocational schools, service animal user discrimination in taxis, medical facilities, or hotels, reasonable accommodation cases involving ticketing policies, internet accessibility, and testing accommodations, and lastly, cases which involve exclusion because of disability because of unlawful polices.

  • McGuire v. Peabody Hotel Group – Finding that a claim exists under the Florida Civil Rights Act for discrimination as a result of architectural barriers.
  • McGuire v. Peabody Hotel Group – the story behind the case
  • Access Now v. Carnival Corp. – Approval of Class Action regarding accessibility of cruise line.
  • Hendrick v. Celebrity Cruises – Man denied access to a small boat on a cruise vessel because he could not take a step without assistance.

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