Miami Is Kind Foundation: “Let’s put Autism and developmental disabilities to work”

By: Silvia Planas Prats

a boy looking confusedLetting go of her career at DuPont from Barcelona, in Spain and moving to Miami, FL was not easy, but Silvia knows it was the most important decision of her life. Marc is now an adorable 12 year old boy that just happens to have autism. He loves riding his bike, dancing to Michael Jackson and baking. He’s come a long way with the help of the Miami-Dade County Public School system.
But Silvia soon questioned what does the future hold for Marc and young adults with autism and other developmental disabilities (DD)? The challenge begins after they turn 22. She quickly realized that employment opportunities looked bleak. “Companies seldom hire adults with two people bakingAutism/DD. I will not sit and wait for companies to change their hiring policies. Instead, I have created solution. I’m a true believer that hard work determines who we are as individuals in society and that every member of society—including adults with autism, DD —should have the chance to excel and contribute.” Silvia decided to take this employment challenge head on, and opened Miami Is Kind, an industrial bakery determined to be the first factory for professionals with autism, DD in South Florida.

Miami Is Kind will employ bakers, packers, warehouse operators, customer service reps and dispatchers that have autism or other disabilities. Silvia knows that with adequate instruction, a properly structured workplace, and an enjoyable learning atmosphere, young adults with autism, DD can excel at a workplace and can make the companies they work for profitable.
“It will be a social revolution that will give job opportunities and hope to so many young adults with autism and other DD in Miami. Through our success, we will inspire other companies to follow similar paths and allow society to appreciate their capabilities.”
“Miami Is Kind vision is to help individuals with autism, DD strive for independent living, fulfilling their dreams and personal
choices with their salaries” The program serves all socio cultural backgrounds and ethnicities and all the colors of the spectrum. Each individual will be assigned tasks that better match their interest and skills. Some contribute to the packing and shipping parts of the Business program, while others might support selling or marketing and others will bake.
Miami Is Kind Foundation employs two bakers, sells online to all U.S. in and as of October 2015, is based at Joanna’s Marketplace 8247 S Dixie Hwy, Miami, FL 33143.
pillowboxesThe first product line is Gluten Free deliciously healthy Macaroons in a variety of flavors and packaging sizes. They are sweet but not too sweet. Let almonds and sweet potato surprise you! If you’d like supporting Miami Is Kind Mission you can subscribe in the “how can you help” section in their website and you will monthly receive some European Style pillow boxes of Macaroons at your doorstep. You can also buy in “products” section any of your favorites Macaroon’s flavors. They are delicious for all the family, for on the go snaking and they are the perfect gift.