I read an interesting story in the Miami Herald the other day. It was about Matt Cottle.

By: Lester LangerHead shot of lester. He is wearing a kids crusaders tee-shirt

Matt has autism. He was bagging groceries and pushing carts for the past 6 years before he started Stuttering King Bakery.

He is now an entrepreneur turning out cookies, brownies and scones for cafes, businesses, and groups that need catering.

Matt’s old boss told him he could do nothing but bag groceries and push carts for the rest of his life.

Matt said “No, I am destined to do something greater than that”

And he has. According to the article, he nets $1,200.00 per month from the bakery, and his business is growing.

If given a chance many autistic people can run their own businesses, work, and be productive.

The moral of the story for me is one should not be limited by what other people think you can do or not do because you have a disability. Go for your dreams.

I recommend this article for your consideration. It is very inspiring with another example of entrepreneurship.