By: Lester Langer

OVER THE LAST SEVERAL editions of our newsletter we have discussed mediation. But did you know mediation is available under the ADA Mediation Program? This is an informal process but you have to request it after you file your complaint. Since its inception the program has mediated more than 4000 complaints with 78% being resolved successfully.

Complaints under tile II (state and local government services) and title III (public accommodations) can be mediated. There is NO COST to either party and it is not necessary to have an attorney. However as we have discussed previously it would be in your best interest at least to consult with an attorney or retain one to navigate the law and the process.

Remember the process is confidential, efficient and voluntary.

You can terminate the mediation at any time during the process but once you sign off on the settlement agreement you will be bound by it as well as the other side.

Should you decide not to mediate you will not give up any of your legal rights to pursue an appropriate legal action to redress your issues.

For more information you can visit the ADA web site at:

In the next newsletter we will begin discussing Arbitration. Should you have any questions please contact me through this newsletter and I will try to give you and our readers a full answer.

Lester Langer, Florida Supreme Court Certified Civil and Appellate Mediator