In Memory of Dr. Robin Parker

By: Lester Langer

Dr. Robin Parker recently passed away at age 50 from pancreatic cancer. She was a leader in unlocking the mysteries of autism.

I did not know Dr. Parker, but I wish that I had met her. Her work in designing apps that allow children and young adults to merge into mainstream society will live long after her. It is her legacy to us all.

I explored her website, PRAACTICAL AAC. It is filled with articles and apps that can assist parents, children, and young adults in developing a better way to process and use information. Her universal design will help all people with and without disabilities to function and interact better with others. The site is easy to navigate, and it contains useful, everyday advice. There are many apps on the site, like “Every Move Counts,” which is about empowerment, and “PRAACTICAL Tips,” which is about building communication and literacy skills. There is so much more to see and learn.

In honor of Dr. Parker, I encourage all of our readers to take a spin on PRAACTICAL AAC, and share with us your thoughts and experiences. You will be glad you did.