Hui Yu – Life as an intern at Disability Independence Group

When I first came into DIG’s office for the interview, I was surprised that I was not stressing at all. I came about 20 minutes early, so I sat at the front couch and explored by reading the picture books for children with disabilities they put there. Ms. Dietz interviewed me in the meeting room with her gentle and comforting manner. Unlike a typical interview where the boss will judge your performance, Ms. Dietz introduced me to a lot about the organization and its programs, and asked about my interests. After the pleasant interview, my journey at DIG began.

During the semester-long internship, I learned much about Persons with Disabilities through working on various projects at DIG and the law firm. I learned the difficulties that Persons with Disabilities has to face; I learned how TTY line works; I learned how much a service animal could help; also I learned about Special Olympics. I used to work as an intern in the Human Resource Department of a business company. I was not interested in the industry and did not feel motivated while working there. Here at DIG, I can really see how the work being done can actually make an impact on people’s lives. As what’s been written in DIG’s vision: Every person is entitled to equal treatment and dignity. The internship experience also enhanced my professional skills on grant writing, communication, as well as research. I can apply what I learned from school to work and see how non-profit work in real to supplement my study.

DIG is not a big organization. Everyone here is so nice and enthusiastic about the work they do, driven by the mission to expand opportunities for participation, education, employment and acceptance of Persons with Disabilities through advocacy, litigation, education, and training. I always have a good mood go to work. Mr. Dietz and I complained about limited Chinese food choices together, and Mrs. Dietz told me her son’s wonderful experience at Disney World. They don’t seem like bosses to me, but family members who share happiness and thoughts.

I am glad that I could meet Mrs. Dietz at one of my professor’s classes; I am glad that I got the chance to work at DIG as an intern, and I am glad that I can meet everyone here who are dedicated to do social good and create a better world.