Community Integration

Persons with Disabilities are entitled to equality of opportunity, full participation in society, independent living, economic self-sufficiency, and equal treatment.

The basic tenets of disability rights recognize that all persons are entitled to live in the least restrictive environment to enhance independent living and access to the community.

  • A.R. v. Dudek – Disability Independence Group is Lead Counsel with the North Florida Center for Equal Justice and the FSU College of Law Public Interest Law Center representing a putative class of medically fragile and complex children to ensure that they receive the community based supports and services needed to live at home in a community-based setting.  The Department of Justice’s findings letter against the State of Florida is found here.
  • A Mother of an Adult with Down Syndrome’s Worst Nightmare – The Story of Karl Hunt and his experience of being denied housing because of his disability.
  • Treatment Alternatives – Alcoholism and drug addiction are considered impairments under the definitions of a disability, because as a medical matter, addiction is a chronic illness that is never cured but from which one may nonetheless recover.
  • Its not my Fault – Protections for Autistic Persons under the Fair Housing Act – Questions and Answers on how to obtain a Reasonable Accommodation to avoid an eviction because of a meltdown or other incident.