Did You Know? Emergency and Evacuation Assistance Program (EEAP)

hurricane warning flag

Hurricane season is approaching, this section of our newsletter will help to make sure you are fully prepared in case of emergency. This month’s topic of interest is the Emergency and Evacuation Assistance Program (EEAP).

The Emergency and Evacuation Assistance Program (EEAP) provides free transportation and evacuation assistance for those who have access or functional needs. Specifically, the EEAP provides specialized transportation, safe shelter, medical monitoring, and wellness checks for those who may have extra medical needs. This is a very valuable program for those who need it, however, there are some eligibility requirements. To be eligible for the EEAP one must: (1) be unable to evacuate on their own or require specialized transportation, (2) be unable access pick up point location or have access to transportation, (3) have additional medical needs that require assistance, (4) require life-sustaining equipment that requires electricity, or (5) require assistance in daily living activities. To ensure that you will have access to the EEAP make sure to pre-register, using this link, so that you can guarantee a spot. If you need to access the registration form in Spanish or Creole you can find it on this page on the Miami-Dade County website.

Although the EEAP provides many necessities for people with access or functional needs, they require you to bring some things as well. Everyone using the EEAP is required to be accompanied by a caregiver if they have one. In addition to this, individuals using the EEAP are also required to bring the names and numbers of emergency contacts, comfort items if needed, as well as necessary medical equipment. Lastly, as spoken about in the last Did You Know? Hurricane Season article, make sure to bring your emergency supply kit along with you and your caregiver to sustain both of you for a minimum of three days.

If you believe that you may be eligible for this program you can read more about this on the Miami-Dade website by clicking the link here. To find more information regarding your specific county refer to their website to evaluate guidelines and regulations regarding disabilities and hurricane evacuation.

Over the next several months, we will have a new tip for you in each one of our newsletters.  Make sure to check back for more tips and preparations for the impending hurricane season!