Cool Ways to stay cool

By: Sharon Langer

Summer is here and while it can be lots of fun it also means heat..heat.. heat. For many folks with a disability this heat can actually be a health risk or even life threatening. There are many personal cooling devices on the market that can help! Here are some:the word summer is spelled out and floating in the water with hot air balloons in the air.

SHADING DEVICES- Lightweight umbrellas can be clamped to the side of a wheelchair. These devices keep out direct sun. For the wheelchair a simple clamp and swivel can turn even an ordinary umbrella into a mobile shading device. Cost around $35 for a great umbrella holder.

MISTING DEVICES- These are very popular and actually quite common now. They can be a spray bottle with a low tech sprayer nozzle to an automated powered misting system that mists at the press of a button or misting fans that move air and a light mist across a small area. Cost around $15 for the simple bottle option.

AMBIENT AIR VESTS- The vests have a lining of air permeable and compression-proof spacer fabric. Ambient air, as a coolant, is circulated by a small battery-operated fan, which is laced in outer pockets through the spacer fabric. The air is distributed evenly and circulates around the entire upper body of the wearer. Warm air containing moisture from perspiration is carried away from the skin and replaced by fresh ambient air. Cost around $75.00.

ICE PACK APPAREL- This can be scarves, hats, torso wraps vests even bras. They can be kept in the refrigerator or cooler and used when needed and re cooled. Cost depends on how stylish you want to be.

Have a great time outdoors and STAY COOL