Casey Martin – Disability Accommodations in Sports!

Casey Martin in his golf cartThe ADA has had an overarching impact on all aspects of life, including competitive sports. Casey Martin, a professional golfer, highlighted the true impact of the ADA in the sports world in 2001 when he won his lawsuit against the PGA tour under the Americans with Disabilities Act. The PGA Tour, the main organizer of professional golf tours in the United States, required the golfers to walk between shots in the third round of competition. Martin, who has a circulatory condition which affects his right leg, was unable to adhere to this rule, and therefore requested a golf cart as an accommodation for all rounds of the game. Through the ADA’s stipulations of accessibility and inclusion, the Supreme Court ruled for Martin in a 7-2 decision. This court ruling demonstrated the importance of complying to the ADA by providing reasonable accommodations for disabled athletes while still playing a fair game.