Medicaid and Healthcare Benefits

The greatest barrier to independence for persons with disabilities is the denial of necessary community based benefits which may result in institutionalization of a person with a disability in a nursing home or a congregate living facility for persons with disabilities. Florida Medicaid has a program through which Medicaid recipients may receive long-term care services. This program is called the Statewide Medicaid Managed Care Long-term Care Program. Another program through the Agency for Persons with Disabilities provides supplemental funding for persons who qualify.

Furthermore, there are several Medicaid waiver programs, such as the Developmental Disabilities Home and Community-Based Service Medicaid Waiver (“DD Waiver.”), limited-enrollment Medicaid programs (home and community-based services waiver) that provide more extensive care for people who would otherwise be eligible for a nursing home.  Under Medicaid law, children should receive any medically necessary care required, regardless of whether the service is a mandatory service or an optional service that is not offered to adults. There is a legal right to both Notice of and Appeal from an agency or Medicaid managed care companies’ decision to reduce or deny Medicaid services.